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Prepare optimally for your control drives with fahrstiL!

At fahrstiL, we offer specialized courses that are ideal for enhancing your driving competence for control drives. Control drives are a one-time opportunity - you have only one chance - to affirm your skills and knowledge as a driver. Our services are tailor-made to optimally prepare you for this challenge. Our experienced driving instructors work closely with you to eliminate uncertainties and refine your driving technique, so you can impress during the control drive. Sign up with fahrstiL now and master your control drive with confidence and competence!

Who needs a control drive In Switzerland, control drives are required when someone wants to exchange their foreign driver's license for a Swiss driver's license. These control drives may also be necessary for medical reasons or other specific occasions. Control Drive – Converting a Foreign License If you want to convert your foreign driver's license in Switzerland, preparing for the control drive with fahrstiL is the key to success. Failing the control drive means you have to go through the entire process - from the theory test to the practical driving test - again. At fahrstiL, we offer you comprehensive preparation to save you time, money, and nerves. Our specialized driving instructors carefully guide you through this important phase. Contact us for effective preparation for your control drive and master it with confidence!


At fahrstiL Driving School, we place the utmost importance on optimally preparing you for your control drive. A control drive serves to thoroughly examine your knowledge of traffic rules, your vehicle control, and your ability to navigate safely in traffic. This important check is conducted in the presence of a qualified traffic expert from the Road Traffic Authority and takes place in real traffic. The goal is, among other things, to verify whether holders of foreign driver's licenses can easily exchange them for a Swiss driver's license.

Negative Control Drive

Should participation in the control drive be missed without a valid reason or the control drive not passed, the driver's license will be revoked or the exchange of a foreign driver's license denied. According to legal regulations, there is no possibility to retake the control drive. Those who still wish to renew their driver's license must take the regular route by applying for a learner's permit.

Success at fahrstiL

At fahrstiL Driving School, we record an extremely high success rate for control drives. We rely on comprehensive preparation to ensure that you not only successfully pass the control drive but also remain safe in traffic in the long term.

Do you speak english?

No worries, so do we. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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